You love animals? then I love you.

If there's anything I love to draw as much as tattoos, it's pet portraits.

That personality

I draw these portraits in a half realistic half abstract style, so there's plenty of room to add your pet's real personality and real style. You'll receive a true portrait with attitude, not only a realistic copy.

Work closely together

You can tell me all the things you'd like to see in the artwork. You know you pet better then anybody else, so some background stories and comments are always welcome. This we can create this piece of art together.

Wide variety

We can provide not only the high resolution design files, but any style of prints you prefer. You can choose from our ready-to-use materials or you can tell me if you have different ideas. We can do anything for you.

Are you ready?

Just use this form below and send me all your ideas to start the conversation. I'll get back to you in email with the pricing and all the necessary info you need to know. I'll ask you to send me some photos later.

Your full name:

Contact email:

Describe your idea:

We don't collect or store any of these informations, we only use your email address to send you the price quote. We won't share it, we won't use it for marketing or advertising. No way.

Process in few steps

1. Send your ideas using this form. The more the better, I'm open to hear everything!

2. You'll receive an email with the pricing and some useful info. You can send me some photos of your pet.

3. If you accept the price and we've discussed the details, I'll start working on your design.

4. During the whole process you'll receive photos of the design, so you can tell me your thoughts anytime.

5. As soon as you think the design is complete and it's "the one", I'll send you the high resolution files.

6. If you'd like to receive a physical print too, we can find the best size and material for you and ship it in a few days.

We use flat pricing, the total price will be calculated at the end and won't change during the process. Design files are included in this price, the additional price of printing and shipping the portrait to you is based on the material and the size you request.

Latest portraits

Have any questions? I'm here to answer.

Skinque Designs

Abstract/trash polka illustrations - Budapest, Hungary - 2020