You dream it. I draw it.

Skinque Designs will help you bringing your artsy dreams to life.

Something new

When it comes to real artwork, Google Images is definitely a no go. Here you can find real artwork only made by real hands.

Fresh and modern

Being up to date in asethetics is not easy, but I use the best tools and techniques to make the magic happen as fast as possible.

Made with love

You can buy almost everything in a regular shop, right. But one thing you can't buy is the love that comes with a custom made item.

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Skinque Designs is a creative team in the heart of Budapest, creating wide variety of illustrations and artworks for our customers worldwide. I have years of experience in tattoo art, digital arts and aesthetics. This is the marketplace where you can purchase my work and commission me if you'd like to get 100% original artwork made exclusively for you.

My most famous and popular products are tattoo designs, but I have also made logo, branding and product label designs or artworks for apparel. Me and my team help people from all around the world, icluding countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Peru, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, UAE, South Africa, Greece, Italy and many more. We have customers on every continent, more or less. To be honets, we have no customers on Antarctica.

Skinque Designs

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